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Tuesday, February 18, 2020 11:06 AM

Write-in William J. Kelly for 42nd ward Republican committeeman on March 17th

I've been a resident of the 42nd ward for more than 15 years. It's a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. But the City of Chicago is changing. Violent crime has had a terrible impact on the 42nd ward neighborhoods of Streeterville, Gold Coast,  River North, Near West Loop, New East Side, Fulton River District and the Loop. I've been a twice-victim of violent crime myself and resident concerns about violent assaults, carjackings and robberies are very real. 

But right now we don't have a real advocate fighting for the 42nd Ward and we certainly don't have ANY REPUBLICAN representation. The 42nd Ward has thousands of GOP voters who deserve representation, who are rightly concerned about the rise of violent crime and who want to keep the 42nd Ward safe for residents and their families. 

Please write-in William J. Kelly for 42nd Ward Republican committeeman on March 17th and I will make sure the 42nd Ward has a real advocate - one that represents Republican voters. Together, we can make the 42nd Ward safe again and build a real Chicago Republican Party that can take on violent crime, wasteful spending and too-high taxes for no services. 

Thank you, 

William J. Kelly 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 10:10 AM

William J. Kelly for 42nd Ward GOP committeeman: Residents don't feel safe anymore

Dear Neighbor, 

I've been a resident of Streeterville and the 42nd ward for more than 15 years and much has changed in those years. As a long-time resident, I am very concerned about the rise of violent crime in our neighborhoods. Violent carjackings, assaults, robberies and thefts are on the rise and residents don't feel safe anymore. No Chicago neighborhood is safe - not Streeterville, the Gold Coast, River North, Near West Loop, New East Side, Fulton River District and the Loop. 

I've been a twice victim of violent crime just in the last few years - once in front of my home and once in front of my business. My experience is not unique anymore and my neighbors and I are rightly concerned.

We need an tireless advocate for the 42nd ward. I would like to be your advocate and help make our neighborhoods safe again. Please write-in my name - William J. Kelly - for Republican 42nd ward committeeman on March 17th and I promise to work hard for you and for our neighborhoods. 

Thank you!

William J. Kelly

Thursday, January 30, 2020 10:07 AM

VIDEO: U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curran Caught Lying in Jailhouse Interview

Illinois, January 30, 2019 - A criminal complaint for filing a false police report and obstruction of justice has been filed against former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, now a Illinois candidate for U.S. Senate, based on statements made during Curran's videotaped jailhouse interview with Grayslake Police. The complaint was filed by Curran's former U.S. Senate opponent, Republican William J. Kelly. 
Curran also filed counter charges against Kelly for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, assault, and filing a false report. Finding no evidence to support Curran's spurious claims, the special prosecutor has declined to press charges against Kelly. 
Watch Illinois U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curran Lie During Jailhouse Interview
Watch Illinois U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curran Lie During Jailhouse Interview
During his jailhouse interview, Curran was caught lying to investigators. He waived his Miranda rights but refused to sign a written statement, worrying that it would be subject to FOIA. In his police case narrative, Detective Warner determined "Upon reviewing the video (of the battery), I did not observe Dawn (Livengood) or anyone else ask William to leave the office prior to Mark grabbing William by the upper arms/shoulder area and pushing him toward the door," contradicting Curran and Livengood's claims. Another witness, Casey Cheblek, also confirmed Kelly's account. 
Warner noted that based on the video file, "I observed Mark to turn his back on William no less than eight times which is a direct contradiction to Mark's statement that he was afraid to turn his back on William for fear of getting 'cold-cocked," indicating that Curran had no legal justification for committing a battery against Kelly.
Kelly also filed false police report and obstruction of justice charges against Ms. Livengood, the office manager for the Lake County Republicans Central Committee (LCRC). 
Back in November, Curran committed a criminal battery against Kelly at the Lake County Republican office in Grayslake and the incident was captured on video.  Both Curran and Kelly had been both invited to speak before the LCRC. Despite the battery charge, Curran was endorsed by the LCRC anyway.
Kelly and Curran have long been at-odds over Curran's support for illegal immigration based on a heated debate in Lake County in 2013. See a timeline of Curran's history and positions here. 
Detective Warner's full case narrative from the Village of Grayslake is available upon request. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019 11:47 AM

Numerous lawsuits filed against Mark Curran in Lake County

Mark Curran's term as Lake County Sheriff came at a high cost for Lake County taxpayers as a search of Lake County court records reveals. Lake County States Attorney Mike Nerheim is still defending Curran in a number of pending civil matters, including many intentional tort cases:

Thursday, November 7, 2019 11:33 AM

Special Prosecutor to be Named in Mark Curran Battery Case

The office of William J. Kelly has received the following update on the criminal complaint against Mark Curran for assault and battery via email from Lake County States Attorney Mike Nerheim:


Dear Mr. Kelly,


As I indicated in our conversation, I have a conflict with handling a charging decision and any subsequent prosecution of Mr. Curran because my office currently represents him in pending civil matters.  I also advised that my office had confirmed that the Grayslake Police Department was in the process of completing their investigation.  The process in any criminal case is for the police to investigate, and then upon the full completion of their investigation, to turn the matter over to the proper prosecuting authority for them to make a charging decision.  Normally, that prosecuting authority would be my office, but due to the conflict, we will be bringing in a special prosecutor to handle this matter once the investigation is complete.  I do not expect the investigation to take very long. 


In order to expedite the appointment process, my office has already contacted the Illinois Appellate Prosecutor’s Office.  This is the organization that handles conflict prosecutions for my office.  They have agreed to accept the case and are awaiting their appointment.  There is a formal process that is required in order for a special prosecutor to be appointed.  The process requires a judge to sign an order.  I cannot present that order for signature, until I receive the complete investigation from the Grayslake Police Department. 


As soon as I receive that investigation, I will immediately present the order for appointment. 



Mike Nerheim

Lake County States Attorney



On November 2, 2019, Kelly filed a criminal complaint with the Grayslake Police after Curran committed an assault and hands-on battery against Kelly at the Lake County Republican endorsement session where Kelly was invited to speak. Kelly was asking Curran questions about his positions on illegal immigration and an enraged Curran grabbed and shoved Kelly on video. An unedited video shared with the media reveals that Curran had no legal excuse for his physical assault against Kelly. 


Mr. Nerheim is currently defending Curran from pending tort and law division lawsuits. A search of the Lake County database indicates that Curran has been a defendant in 20 or more tort-related lawsuits and other legal problems.



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